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The IUHAC SARL, Paris a prominent trading company in Paris, and Areopagus Arts Apollon – St. Petersburg, and its exclusive representative in Sri Lanka CEYLON CIS TRADE CENTRE and in St.Petersburg , “TRADE HOUSE CEYLON ” will be conducting an “International Trade Exhibitions and Arts Exhibitions in the city of Paris, France. We inviting to leading international businessmen , creative specialists from different fields of art-jewelers, artists, designers, and fashion designers are due to participate in this exhibition which is due to be held in the month of November 2023.


Art Exhibition

Jewelery exhibition

Fashion designers exhibition

Environmental and ecology producers exhibition

The dazzling beauty of the collection of unique jewelry and products made of precious stones will be exhibited by the masters of the jewelry companies at the exhibition and sale. It is with much pride we state that fine original jewelry, products made of natural materials and many glamorous products made of natural gemstones of Sri Lanka will be shown on this day.

 Meanwhile, the fine art section of the exhibition will present the amazing masterpieces of a wide range of talented artists from different countries in Europe and Asia and the designers and fashion designers from France and Russia wish to reveal and demonstrate their new clothing collections on this prestigious occasion.

The exhibition will give visitors the opportunity to get acquainted with a wide range of artistic and industrial creativity of the most talented representatives of their specialties and especially will encourage to sign trade deals between countries to enhance export and import of various commodities where world renowned top buyers are expected to participle to grace this occasion.

This golden opportunity is especially open for businessmen and entrepreneurs who deal with inherited products such as tea, spices, garments, gem & Jewelers, rubber products, coconut products, batiks, handicrafts, etc, where they would get the chance to meet globally recognized buyers, investors and business partners.   

As this exhibition focuses mainly on the Jewelry studded with precious stones, we would appreciate if brochures / catalogues along with the pricing towards each item is forwarded to us at your earliest convenience in order to forward some to our principals as well for the recognition of your establishment.

This will enable our principals to obtain orders in advance by yet assuring productive sales prior to exhibition products at the site of exhibition.


Date                                        :18 th to 24th November 2023 Venue                  :  Paris Exhibition and Convention Hall

Time                                       : 10:00 a.m. to 17:00 h.


Date                                        : 18th to 30th November 2023

Venue                                     : PARIS

Time                                       : 10:00 a.m. to 17:00 h

Please note that the participants will be privileged to experience the following benefits free of charge:

1.      Granting the membership of “World Business Club of Leaders”, where pioneering and most successful businessmen serve as members.

2.      Providing facilities to sign business agreements with international participants.

3.      Media coverage of each participant will be launched.

We hope to maintain a long-term business relationship with your establishment and wish you a grand success in this venture and a pleasant stay overseas.

Please do not hesitate to send us an e-mail to the below-given ID for any further inquiries you may require in this regard.



International Academy of Sciences Ararat, France

International Academy of Arts St.Petersburg

IPSSA France

TFSU, Lithuania

Email. info@Iuhac.org (Paris)

Please Contacts: info@iuhac.org, iuhacparis@gmail.com

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